Friday, March 24, 2006

Ex Husbands

I got a call from my ex husband last night, filling me in on all the news from good ole Oklahoma. My son is playing the trumpet in a Fine Arts contest this weekend in Tulsa. He stands an excellent chance, as he is, of course, the most talented soon to be 15 year old on the face of the planet... but that is beside the point. My ex husband wanted to leave this morning, taking my son out of school for the day, so they could knock around in Tulsa for the day before the contest starts tomorrow... the problem is, my son didn't want to skip school to do that, so my ex husband, genius that he is, calls me to fuss about his son not wanting to go to Tulsa on Friday morning. I listened for a minute then said, "I hope you appreciate the irony of this." He was clueless. I then pointed out to him that his son WANTS to be in school and his father is encouraging him to play hooky, to which my son refuses.

Ex husband sat there quietly for a minute, then said, "I gotta go."


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Joe Bob said...

Gotta love it when you deliver those "Stingers".....don't ya???