Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Political correctness at its worst.

Uh oh.. I just realized that I said in my last post that I didn't like the black jelly beans.. OMG. I also seem to have pointed out the red ones as my favorites, and the white ones as my second favorites... HOLY SHIT, I'm a racist and never knew!

If I inadvertently offended anyone with those statements, just let me know and I will attempt to fall all over myself with insincere apologies.

(But while I'm on the topic, the light brown, cappucino jelly beans are sublime. mmmmmm baby...)


Odat said...

Geeze, give me a break....a)that sheep business is a lil outrageous......and besides..don't they know the rainbow is a symbol of the gay that should really get their "goat" so to b)why all these posts lately about farm animals??
c) i like the black jelly beans the best....

Just D said...

(a) Its the Ainglish, oddness is to be expected;

(b) It was about a fairy tale, the farm animal angle was incidental, but I have it on good authority that frequent farm animal posts signifies an extremely intelligent person whose life is in transition;

(c) I will mail you ever black jelly bean I get; and

(d) I made the farm animal shit up.