Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Lawn Mower Has Taken a.. Vacation

We moved into this house at the first of November and the woman we bought it from seems to have been one of those weird ass people who is constantly on the move. The house was immaculate enough to eat off of, the lawn was in perfect shape.

Enter us.

I wouldn't say we are pigs, but we do tend to live a bit cluttered (we have enough boxes of books to furnish a small library), and the yard has begun to grow.

Unfortunately, an unkempt yard does bug me so I am itching to go mow it but the lawn mower has decided to take a shit. It flat refuses to turn on. I've mentioned this to J, but an unkempt lawn doesn't seem to bother him as much as it does me. Actually, the back yard is looking quite nice, things are blooming, there is a large tree covered with white flowers. I would take a picture for you to see but then you would see the tall grass and that would be unacceptable. On the bright side - a few more weeks and we get to open the pool! Yay yippeeeeee!

So anyway back to the original topic (I am so easily distracteeeeohhhh LOOK SHINY), I am thinking I am going to need to take apart the lawn mower and see if I can figure out how to make it start. I think if I threaten this then J may get out there and fix it. I assume that would be preferable to him coming home from work one day to find his lawn mower in 1000 different parts lying all across the back yard.

On to the next...

J wants me to take up day trading. He seems to think I would be good at this, but I know absolutely nothing about buying/selling stocks. Anyone have any useful suggestions? The only thing I know is I like the commercials:

This commercial seems like a good enough reason to take on a new hobby, doesn't it?


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