Thursday, March 24, 2011

There Is An Explanation To This Post, I Swear

This was meant to be the funny post.  Unfortunately, due to a weird glitch that I cannot explain, the post has disappeared and now instead of it being funny, its just a sad sad post.  I had the thing written and it was lonnnnnnnnnnng and I had to keep taking breaks because I was laughing so much at it.. and I was going to post a link and it went into the wrong place so I did the CTRL-Z to back out of the mistake, and the entire thing - THE ENTIRE THING - just disappeared.  Whilst I was still staring at my screen in horror I saw the Back Up Save kick in and it saved the blankness.



Gone. All gone.

I enjoyed it though, sorry for your loss.


curmudgeon said...

Awwww... c'mon. Please?

Jess said...

What the heckness. That is crap.

Deb said...

Okay okay fine, I'll try to reconstruct it, just because it was a funny topic, but I doubt I'll be able to match the utter brilliance of the original post.

Have to go to the store and get stuff for taco salad for dinner first though....

Odat said...

Too bad!!! (and you know I hate that cartoon!!) lol