Thursday, March 17, 2011


I just found the most awesome thing EVER!  Dawn Wells (a/k/a Mary Ann) has a personal website and will answer questions emailed to her.   Of course I had to ask a question.

Do you have an aging picture of yourself hanging in your attic? You are gorgeous as ever - what is your secret? (I know, that was two questions.)

The website swears that she will see the question. I'm so excited!

If you, too, have a question for Dawn (I call her Dawn) just burning in your mind, here is the website for you The Most Awesome Site EVER.

Other Dawn posts, for your convenient review (and since that is almost the only traffic I get on this blog, to see her pictures).

Dear Dawn Wells
I Just Received This

Also listed on her page is a site that you can order live celebrity phone calls, Dawn being one of them.  I love her, I really do, but I'm also a cheap bitch.  Sorry Dawn, I'll just have to wave to you from afar and hope you lurve me enough to answer my brilliant and insightful (and totally suck up) question.

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Odat said...

You're a very sick woman...(and that's why I love ya!)