Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dear Dawn Wells:

I did a blog post a while back, back in your party days.. back when you, like the majority of Americans, dabbled with the apocynum cannabinu, piddled with the pretendica, fondled the flowers (sorry, I love Urban Dictionary) - smoked the ganja - okay okay I'll stop - you got busted with the weed.  I did this post from the perspective of your arresting officer and, personally, I thought it quite clever.   However, looking back I can spot one mistake that I made in that post.  I posted a picture of you from Gilligan's Island days.  You were smokin' hot in that pic and apparently lots and LOTS of people thought so as well since I get the majority of my blog hits from people Googling that picture.

I love ya Dawn, I really do, but this development has started to bug me.  I have done so many other posts that were cleverer, yet they don't receive any of the attention that you in your itty bitty shorts do.

But I'm not bitter.

Most people would be thinking about now that any attention to my blog is better than none (and to be fair, if not for your hotness, this blog would be receiving none).

Wait.. wait.. okay. I'll take it.  I concede that most people would be right.  Keep it coming people - Dawn Wells rocks the farm!

My apologies for the complaints Dawn. I take it all back. In fact I will post another picture of your current hotness (damn woman look your age for gawd's sake). It isn't fair that you are still this gorgeous at your age.

Ginger who?

(Sorry, I had to.)


Steven Swain said...

Dawn Well is still smoking hot. What the hell happened to Tina Louise?

Deb said...

Tina Louise did what the rest of us mortals will eventually do - she got old.

Kinda sucks, eh?

Jess said...

Obviously the lesson to learn here is that pot preserves and meth kills.

Deb said...

What? I've never used pot.. maybe I should.. rethink..........

nah. Its too late for me. lol

Owen said...

Even as a kid who grew up watching Gilligan's Island every week, I never liked Tina Louise, aka Ginger Grant.

As for Tina Louise's character, a movie star? Yeah, right! Porn star is far more believable, considering that she always acted like a South Seas Slut, or Hollywood *hore in Heat! She wasn't even pretty! Somebody should have given her a quarter so she could go downtown and have a rat gnaw that ghastly, fake 'beauty mark' off her face!

The show, though it was good (and still is), would have been even better had it not been for Ginger Grant trying to seduce every male creature on the island! Sherwood Schwartz should have kept Bunny (Kathy Mccarthy) or the first Ginger (Kit Smythe) instead of hiring the trashy Tina Louise (who posed nude at least once in her career)!

With all the 'fake' tanning (I would imagine that Tina Louise thought it made her look better) it's no wonder that she now looks like a leathery, old hag! It's time to send Tina Louise to the glue factory!

Long live...

...Dawn Wells - Mary Ann Summers
...Bob Denver - Willy Gilligan
...Alan Hale, Jr. - Skipper Jonas Grumby
...Jim Backus - Thurston Howell, III
...Natalie Schafer - Eunice Wentworth 'Lovey' Howell
...Russell Johnson - Professor Roy Hinkley!!!