Friday, January 28, 2011

Sad Tree

Sad tree, practicing its fanatical dedication to dejection.

I'm pretty sure winter is what is making it sad.  I feel the same.

This is the view from my bedroom door. We have a deck off of our bedroom. Unfortunately, it is almost always in the shade so during the winter it is too chilly to sit out there much. And so far it just has a view of the closed up pool (and for the last couple of days, lots of snow) - not really all that impressive.

This is our pool house. It needs work. It has a missing window pane, wind blew a chunk of siding off the side. But, its one redeeming feature is the sign on the outside that says, "I don't swim in your toilet so don't pee in my pool." Classy.

There ya go, a tour of my snowy back yard. I know you are impressed. If it ever warms up enough to be able to open the pool up (and I'm having my doubts these days that it will ever be that nice outside), I will post comparison pics so you can see for yourselves that I'm not making all this shit up.



Jess said...

Bet you miss me NOW don'tcha! YEAH!

Deb said...

Every day.

Jess said...

Every hour is what it should be. Nay, every minute.

Odat said...

I feel your pain!!
But the pool area looks promising!!! lol.
(I can see me sittin thar).