Friday, December 10, 2010

Speaking of Sweeping....

My grandmunchkin, adorable little tyke... has made a friend.

This is the little beauty:

And yes.  She is every bit ornerier than she even looks here.  She also has a bit of a weird streak.  See this thing here:

My mother has one of these and she has played a game with chasing Little Britches around the house with it when she is sweeping.  Now LB has decided that thing is her best friend and is all the time pulling it out of the closet to have my mom sweep.  She has named it Buddy.  She says, "C'mon Buddy." (Pulling it out of the closet.)  She then drags it over to my mom and makes her sweep the floor with it while LB runs around in front of it.  Told ya she was a bit strange.

At least Mom's floors stay clean.

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