Thursday, December 09, 2010

I Love The Sweep Function

I have a junk email address that I never... well, hardly ever.. even look at. That is vaguely bad because I do have a few important emails (think IRS important) going to that email address and if they emailed me to tell me I was on my way to prison, I have been living in blissful ignorance.

So yesterday I ordered J's Christmas prezzie and logged onto my junk email account to check to see the order status since I used that email address. I logged on to 3,829 unread emails.

You read that right. Three Thousand (comma) Eight Hundred and Twenty Nine. Unread. Emails.

What is so cool though is that a big chunk of them can be swept away. I can checkmark an email address and hit the SWEEP button, and Hotmail (in a moment of divine genius) will automatically delete every one of the emails from that particular sender. Brilliant, I say! One particular email sweep automatically deleted 483 emails from the same sender.

Ahhhh life is good. I am currently down to 2,796 unread emails. It may take me a while to get them all, I can feel the boredom setting in - hence the stupid blog post.



Jess said...

Holy shit. That is alot of e-mails.
I hope none of mine are in there.

Deb said...

I hope not too.. but I don't think I ever gave you that email since I only use it for Fatwallet. lol