Tuesday, October 12, 2010

T Minus 18 Days (plus a bit of randomness)

We will be moving into the new place in 18 days.  I hate moving.  We've barely started packing and its crazy insane how much two people can accumulate.  I hate moving.  Our basement is packed wall to wall with mostly my crap from my Savannah days (which I never unpacked in anticipation for moving).  I hate moving.  Fortunately, when we get moved into the new house, I will finally finally FINALLY get to unpack my crap.. it will feel like Christmas morning since I haven't laid eyes on that stuff in ages.  I hate moving.  Unfortunately (and as I have lamented in earlier posts), our pool will be closed down and unusable until next summer.  I hate moving.  I also need to make an appointment to get the extremely furry dogs shaved so we don't have dog hairballs from one end of our brand new house to the other. I hate moving.

Random aside moment:  I just saw a commercial for Burn Notice.  I like the show and watch it rather often, but one thing bugs the shit out of me.  Have any of you noticed that in the first season Fiona had an Irish accent (albeit a really horrible one), but she was supposedly a member of the IRA, etc.. but second season she totally lost the accent.  Do you Irish folks lose your accents that easily?  (/end random aside)

Oh wait.. another random aside:  Anything @twitter makes me cringe.  I hate it.  (/end second random aside)

So anyway..  I think I may have mentioned that I hate moving.


Jess said...

I am looking forward to seeing new house pictures! EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!

Deb said...

I'll email you a link so you can see it. :-)