Friday, October 08, 2010

I Need A New Title

"Inspirational Moments from the Duly Busted" had its moment but that moment has passed.  I chose that name back in the day when I lived in Savannah and somehow my employers found out about this blog and pointed out that they didn't find some of my posts humorous.  Well... to be fair.. most of the ones they were protesting was about a stupid jerk of a bitch who worked in the office with us and not about the office itself, which is probably the only reason they didn't fire me.  They knew she was a stupid jerk but they had to at least pretend to be concerned.  So I added that title and all was well, but it is no longer relevant and I need a new one.   I'm thinking of using Jess' description of me - slutmonkey cootercanoeing hobag - which I find quite amusing.

In further news - it has come to my attention that this blog currently comes up as #1 starred Google search for "Controversial Toys."  I did one (1) blog post on that topic and suddenly I'm the #1 Google expert on it?  I'm not even mentioning the part where I'm linked in an Iowa Newspaper for the same thing.  I'M FAMOUS!    hehe

Okay, so since I'm already famous for that, I might as well add a few more, eh?

What kid doesn't want bloody cat guts for their birthday?   Actually, this is from a crafting site.  I really really like the tiger holding the bloody human arm in his mouth.  Can one of you creative people make that for me, please?

Next up is Lego Terrorists (not made by Lego).  These are custom designed by a company called Brickarms and, of course, some of the militant Muslim faith take offense at these.  Dunno why. Oh.. and that company also sells Nazi soldiers for your Lego set.  It would be a deprived child that doesn't have a toy Nazi.

This adorable little puppy is Squirt, the Humping Bulldog.  Oddly enough I just thought of the Georgia Bulldogs when I saw this - but that is beside the point.  Strap him on and watch him go (oh the inappropriate visuals that accompanied my typing that line).  He can be found here,

And last, but definitely not least:

The Jesus Saves bank.  Not exactly a toy, but just as entertaining as one.  I believe (bwahahaha) that if you take the money from one beer a week and deposit into your Jesus Saves bank, at the end of 3 months your Jesus will have saved you up enough for one 12 pack of beer.  A miracle!

Okay, that is all for now.  Seeing as how I seem to be the (self-proclaimed) expert on controversial toys, this post should only add to the legend that is me.

Love ya mean it!


Jess said...

You TOTALLY have to use that as your, it is GENIUS! Cause why?!? Cause I am GENIUS!!!

Deb said...

Yes you are. It's obvious really... you chose to work with me. That makes you smarter than the average bear.