Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Help Meeeeeeeeee!

Okay, maybe out of the two of you that read this, you will know why (oh why) my uploaded pictures are coming out so FREAKING GIGANTIC in blog posts such as the one below this one.  I've tried everything, even renaming them and reuploading them.  Nothing fixes it.

Its driving me crazy.  Yes I'm whining.  Help?


Jess said...

All two of, you are picking back up I think...and I will reference you as often as I can in my blog!

Have you tried when you click to upload image, on the image size to the right, instead of large image, make it smaller?

The only other thing I can think of is to go into your HTML source code and there should be a section in there for picture size. Make it like 640 x 280 or something reasonable like that.

Send me the HTML and I will help look too!

curmudgeon said...

Actually, you should be able to just resize it by click-drag on the corner of the picture in 'Compose' mode rather than HTML mode.

Does that not work?

Deb said...

I tried everything except one thing... I had to align it left instead of center. Once I did that it went back to normal size. Weird shit, eh?

curmudgeon said...

That makes no sense.

Deb said...

Since when has Blogger (and blogging for that matter) made any sense?

Odat said...

I would have answered that had I read it earlier...ahahahahahaha...NOT! I would have called upon you if that happened to me. Losing your touch??????


Jess said...

Just strangeness right there...hummmmmmm