Monday, November 03, 2008


I am now settled (me and all my boxes) in the hotbed of sin with the love of my life. Living on a day to day basis with someone is... shall we say..... interesting. I have been here less than a week and have already washed all his dirty underwear and socks. That is something you don't really contemplate, washing someone's underwear and socks. You get a better understanding of that person. Handling someone else's dirty underwear is on a whole different level than is spending the night with them and having them handle their own dirty raiments.

Another thing I wasn't contemplating is the fact that Jake, my trusty guard dog who hates all dog things, has decided that Maybe (JC's dog) is his bestest friend and he keeps sticking his nose in her ears. She handles such irrational behavior with as much grace as a dog can muster, she sits quietly, with her front legs crossed (the dog crosses her front legs, its so stinking cute), and pretends that she is elsewhere, occasionally glancing at me with an expression that asks if he rode in on the short bus. Jake doesn't notice. Jake also likes Oreo the cat, but Oreo hasn't yet decided whether Jake is testing him to see if he tastes like chicken or if he is just being annoyingly friendly. Come to think of it, I haven't figured out which it is either.

Personal stuff. There are lots of personal things that I feel very funny about touching, much less being in the same room with them. I was putting my clothes in the closet last night and found a card to JC from a former wench. Obviously it wouldn't be right for me to read it, so I took it to him for him to decide what to do with it... although I have to confess I wanted to look SOOOOOO FUCKING BAD. But I didn't. He threw it away (good move).

Now I am about to send my resume out to yet more offices, in the hopes that someone will take pity on my plight and hire me. I don't really enjoy the retired life and I need to fund our Ireland trip somehow.

Changes. They can be good, right? RIGHT????

My tummy hurts.


Jess said...


I don't like it.

But I know it will be ok.



Deb said...

^^..~..~..^^ Throwing a wad of paper at Jess ^^..~..~..^^

Nina said...

You are so brave.

Deb said...

I'm not feeling very brave, I'm feeling rather homesick.