Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Have You Ever Noticed...

That sometimes, when you wake up sick in the middle of the night, throwing up... your body attempting to eject any superfluous organs that it considers non-essentials, your only comfort is the fact that you will get a day off from work to die in peace. And then morning comes and you feel better. No fever, no more throwing up, and since everything that made you sick in the first place is long gone you feel almost normal except for the lack of sleep and the headache you have from trying to eject your eyeballs.

When things like that happens there is no sympathy to be found anywhere. You only annoy the people who you might happen to be living with by the loud vomiting while they are trying to sleep, and when morning comes and you feel better they look at you as if you are faking. You call into work and since you didn't call while your arms are desperately hugging the toilet or whilst loudly throwing up they aren't very sympathetic either and just want to know when you can make it in.

Yeah... I'm going in after lunch hour.

Papers due n'stuff.

SOMEONE feel sorry for me please.....

I think I'll go take a nap. I wish the damn dog that lives upstairs would stop his fucking barking.


curmudgeon said...

Oh quit whining and get busy. It's over with.


Deb said...

Gee thanks. (whimper)

Odat said...


There ya go. :-)
(Now get to work!)


BikerbabeNJ said...


na, kidding... feel better