Saturday, July 05, 2008

Drunk Drivers

I have always been somewhat militant against driving after drinking anything at all. I feel guilty if I drive after having just one beer. I lecture my friends, family members and co-workers about it. I nag, whine and cajole and ask them to please, please, PLEASE just call me to come get them if they have been drinking and need a ride home.

My daughter and her boyfriend were in their car last night, going to his mother's house for the 4th of July obligatory cookout and fireworks display, when a drunk driver hit them head on. The baby was not with them, thank God, and they weren't seriously hurt, just banged, bruised and very sore.

I am afraid that this will cause me to be more of a nagger about it than ever. It could have been so much worse than what it was. As it is their car is destroyed, but they are still alive. They will have loads of bullshit to deal with, with insurance and all, but they are still able to hold and raise that baby girl. So many people aren't that lucky.

Please do not drive when you've been drinking.


PhilKayak2 said...

Phew! I'm glad they are going to be OK. Is the drunk in jail, i hope?

BikerbabeNJ said...

Thank God they are ALL ok

Odat said...

OMG.....How awful........
How are you???