Saturday, June 28, 2008

Well Its New To Me!

The Handsome JC is a music fanatic, which is cool for me because he is always getting for me CDs of bands that would normally not be anywhere near my radar. I guess he is trying to broaden my horizons. This one is Coheed & Cambria, whom I confess to have never heard of before now. I know.. most of you guys are probably wondering where I've been n'stuff, but come on now really. Look at their picture -

That one guy disturbs me. (No not that one, the other one.)

I used to cut hair for a living (before I decided that computers were more fun to work with than people). That is one scary do.

Love their music though.

In other musical news... Well ok it isn't news, just idle gossip (hehe).

My son is a die hard, OMG! Flaming Lips fan. (Their music speaks to him, and he has attempted to use me to stalk them.) So my son, knowing that one of my best friends was married to one of the band members and that I went to high school with 90% of the band, asked me why the former lead singer quit. Apparently, from what I've seen, the reason is the stuff of mythical legends. He asked me did I know the answer. Why yes my son, yes I do. Well why then? I told him the reason. It was anticlimactic and his disappointment was extreme.

Even rock stars can be mundane.

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Odat said...

Hey, my hair looks kinda like that!!!! :-)