Monday, June 02, 2008

Have You Ever..........?

Had one of those moments when the only thing to do was to burst into tears and bitch and moan and cry and wonder why the universe hates you?

That was my weekend. Actually it wasn't all THAT bad, just until I got the mess cleaned up.

Friday at work was Very Very busy (with capital Vs). My intention was to come home, take a nice hot bath, have a glass of wine, and lay in bed and watch tv. Instead I came in to find a dog who had been sick from one end of my apartment to the other. The poor thing, I can't blame him really, but I took one look at the diarhea slung everywhere and burst into tears. I spent Friday evening cleaning and the rest of the weekend taking him outside every hour. I think the neighbors are now familiar with all my pajamas.

Hint here: He kept that up until last night, when I gave him a heaping helping of vanilla yogurt. He loved it and it seems to have shut the diarhea down. He ia almost back to normal.

That was my weekend. I demand a do over.


Odat said...

There it is again! Another sign of menopause! HEHEHEHEHE.
Peace and hugs.

curmudgeon said...

Lucky devil.

Mark said...

Yogurt? Really? I'll need to remember that.