Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Dumbest Quote EVER

"It makes it safer for everyone who's inside the prison system, both the inmates, the staff members -- the correctional custody staff," said Matt Gray from Taxpayers for Improving Public Safety. "Prison simply cannot function in a safe manner right now with all of the overcrowding."
Taken from this article about early releases from prison to ease prison overcrowding in California... because we're all about making sure the prison inmates are safe.

I don't live in California, but if you are interested in reminding them how much of a dumbass idea this is, or to point out that you had never heard a more dumbass quote, that on a level of dumbassedness that rates a 200 which makes Mr. Gray the king of all dumbasses, the email form is here.

Maybe I'm just missing something.

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