Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Things I Learned This Weekend

1. A 9 1/2 hour drive goes much much faster when it is somewhere you are looking forward to visiting.

2. A 9 1/2 hour drive is torture when you are not wanting to go home.

3. Our kids are annoying no matter how old they are.

4. Hot tubs get uncomfortably warm even when it is 50 degrees outdoors.

5. German Chocolate Cake will be wiped out before the birthday dinner.

6. So will deviled eggs.

7. New babies believe they are giving you a wonderful gift when they are pooping their diaper and spitting up on you at the same time... although it is very cute when they grin after gifting you. (Yes, it is a boy - the bodily function pride starts early, apparently.)

8. I'd still do Indiana Jones.

9. Washington DC drivers scare the everloving shit out of this country girl.

10. Pregnant daughters still need their mothers to tell them to get their pregnant baby bellies out of the 90 degree sun so they don't make the little peanut that she is gestating get overheated.

11. Holiday weekends are more tiring than a regular work day.

12. You guys kept me giggling with your car sex comments, so I guess that means I need to post something ridiculous before I go out of town from now on. No more serious posts.

13. I need Mexican food for lunch.

That's it. I may add to the list as I think of more, but I'm too tired.


Odat said...

Well, thanks for the lessons...but I wanna know what went on in the hot tub......;-)

Dianne said...

I once spent 30 minutes trying to get OUT of a DC traffic circle.

My son is 35 and annoys me even more :) - some days.

I would so do Indiana Jones.

Great list!!

BikerbabeNJ said...

OK so I don't comment often... I guess it was the sex part that got me going so to speak. I'm just a scorp... like you ;-)

great list!