Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Holy Moley

It just struck me, just now, how absolutely crazy things are going to be for me for the next month or so. I am driving to Annapolis next weekend to spend JC's birthday with him. A week or so after that my daughter is due to have her baby and I will be taking off and driving to Oklahoma for that happy occasion (18 hour drive, OMG), but we'll have that cute little baby to cuddle. I will be bringing my son back with me for the summer and I plan to take him up to Annapolis to meet his impending step-brother and to haul him around D.C. and do the tourist thing. With all my trips up to that area I have only been into D.C. to go to sports events (goooo Caps!), so I'm looking forward to just walking around and gawking.

*I don't think JC has been reading my blog so I will put this here too...*

I think when I'm up there I will suggest we go get married, just for the opportunity to laugh at the reaction. My mom told me to take a picture of of the expression on his face. I said that he is liable to call my bluff and say okay let's go.... she then said, then have him take a picture of the expression on YOUR face. Thanks mom. hehe


BikerbabeNJ said...

Be safe chicklet, and enjoy! hugs

Odat said...

I think that's just tooooo much excitement for one person to take all in one or two trips!!!! But if anyone can handle it, you sure can!! :-) Good luck with it all.