Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Joy Internetting

Facebook. I believe it is here to stay. For a while anyway. My parents have discovered the joy of posting baby pictures of my brother, who is now an airline pilot, and myself (I'm not an airline pilot). As adorable as this sounds, it has led to some interesting misidentifications of a few photos. Luckily for me I was the only one around with long brown hair and huge soulful eyes (insert big shiteatin' grin here), so I was always identified correctly. My brother, however, was misidentified in one photo. My parents posted a picture of me playing in a backyard pool with the two neighbor kids, one being a small girl without a shirt on. They thought it was my brother and tagged the picture that way. I did correct them and told them who it was, but the damage is done. I can now make fun of my brother until the end of time, reminding him that at least our parents knew who I was in baby pictures.

I have had an ongoing argument with him over the last 20 years over who is the favorite. This development has given me a huge advantage. Life is good. hehe

Me, at about 3 or 4.


Odat said...

Oh I so agree...that is one HUGE advantage.... ;-)

And, AWWWW, look at the lil Deb...innocent one. How cute!!!!


curmudgeon said...

I see the devil in those eyes...

BikerbabeNJ said...

oh mischevious one