Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I went to Washington D.C. (is there a comma in there?) for the first time when I was up visiting JC this past weekend. We went Friday night to the Washington Wizards game - the Wizards lost (boo hiss). Saturday night we went back for a Washington Capitals game. I love hockey and I had the best time, but it was COLD in there. JC finally got tired of me shivering like a lost puppy and went and got me a cup of coffee. (He's so good to me. hehe)

I brought a Washington Capitals ball cap back to give to the Boss Dude (a/k/a Acid Brother). He accepted it graciously with only a small sneer on his face. He is a football fanatic and hockey doesn't really float his boat. Alrighty then.. next time he'll get a souvenir from a soccer game. That'll teach him.


Odat said...

I love Washington DC....I particularly like the Museum Shops...(I have fond memories of the Lincoln Memorial ;-)

(Oh and don't pretend that you didn't see the tag I bestowed on you!)


Jess said...

Larkin said your boss should rename his band the "Diabetic Rockstars"

Hello Detroit!! We are the Diabetic Rockstars...wahoooooooooooooo!

Brian J. said...

Two commas when used in a sentence: Washington, D.C.,