Sunday, October 21, 2007

Email Wars, v2

We've been at it again.

I had posted something similar to this once before, but it is so damn funny when it happens that I think it deserves another post.

Jess the famous office partner and I, were in our office, doing whatever it is that we do. I was on the phone, she was doing God know's what - I had no clue because I was facing the other way. While I was on the phone an email from her came through, which I opened up to read. I, of course, felt the need to respond, which touched off another one of our long email conversations. It went like this:

*Setting the scene - the runner and the receptionist both were out sick, so a fill in was needed to take all filings to the courthouse. Jess volunteered.*

Jess: Taking stuff for the Courthouse at 4:00. Have everything ready! Just letting everyone know that too! Thanks!

Me: conformist

Jess: re-tardist.

Me: say-dist

Jess: know-ist all-ist.

Me: pain-in-the-ass-ist

Jess: your momma-ist

Me: what-an-original-answer-ist

Jess: duh-ist

Me: lol-ist

Jess: blog this-ist

Me: I-just-might-ist

Jess: funny-ist (ever)

Me: no-pun-intended-ist?

At which point she turned around and said, "Of Course!" Hysterical laughter ensued. I swear that one of these days the attorneys are going to feel the need to separate the two of us. hehe


Odat said...

Very grown-up-ist!

Jess said...

ohmygah, I swear we are so fucking hilarious! I just can't really get over how awesome we are. I think I am going to lay on the couch now and watch some TV...oh, and of course think of how hilariously awesome we are.

See you in the morn-ist.

Deb said...

Blogging about work has taken on an entirely new aspect since she now knows when I talk about her. hehe

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Made me laughist out loudist, which is par-for-the-courseist.

You two are such a comfort to each other.