Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Brian J. Rocks!

I still can't click on my title bar to insert a title, but thanks to the brilliant Brian J. and his most excellent advice, I can now sneak around one of Blogger's infinite, charmingly annoying glitches.

Yesterday, after complaining that Blogger wouldn't let me have a title, Mr. Noggle posted the following comment:

You cannot click in the Title edit box, but you can click in the main body of the post and then press SHIFT+TAB to change control to the title, or you can press TAB from the address bar of the browser to get to it.

It's just not letting you click the Title edit box to set focus.
It works! I am so damn impressed.

Thanks Brian - and when is the next installment of Dr. Creepy??


The CEO said...

There you go, a lesson in Advanced Blogger. Well done. One of my better comments too

Odat said...

It didn't work for me ;-(


Parlancheq said...

Titles seem to be working again (for me, anyway), but I will have to remember this for next time there are probs. Thanks!