Saturday, June 09, 2007

Last Night

I had company last night, two girls that I work with. One of them was the lesbian that I share an office with. We had a good time, we had dinnner, drank beer, played the Wii and listened to Steely Dan.

I told JC I had a date with a lesbian last night (snicker). He asked should he be worried and then demanded I get video. (Typical guy.)

Anyway... here's the interesting part....

While we were kicked back and I was watching the two of them duke it out in the boxing game on the Wii, the other girl gets a phone call from her husband. He had been out playing hockey and had gotten hit in the balls really really hard by the hockey puck. Rapid swelling and the urge to throw his guts up immediately followed. He was needing to be seen to in the ER, I do believe. Since they had both rode out here together, that meant they both had to leave.

As horrible as that injury sounded, the three of us girls were cringing, yet giggling about it. How much more undignified of an injury can a guy get? She said he has a new nickname... she couldn't settle on which one though. It was a toss up between Nutboy and Plum Nuts.

I guess I'll have to wait until Monday to find out which one she chose.


BikerbabeNJ said...

Maybe the wii was like a voodoo doll? Were any punches in "that" area???? Whereas his name can be like... thatllfixnutboy or squashedplumnuts????

I think I need more tea.

The CEO said...

Owchie would be preferable don't you think?