Sunday, June 10, 2007


I am suffering from writer's block.

Well, let me qualify that statement. First I wouldn't say I was exactly suffering. I'm going along my day as if I haven't a care in the world, so no, it isn't really suffering. Second, I am not a writer, so its not really writer's block. It is a "I can't seem to find anything absurd enough to giggle about" block.

So as a last resort I scanned my 2 years worth of emails that I never seem to get around to cleaning out, and came across a video that makes me laugh no matter how many times I have watched it. I'm sure most of you have already seen it, and I have already emailed it to my sushi eating pal at work.

And just for good measure, just because I thought it was a scream, the internet version of Titanic.........

That is all.

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