Thursday, June 14, 2007

I Won!

Okay... let me set up the scenario for you.

Rotary Club Raffle. Some excellent prizes and only 1,000 tickets being sold. $10 per ticket. One of the attorneys in my office had some tickets he was selling, so I contributed to the cause. I paid my $10 with the knowledge it was a charitable donation because I never win anything.

Fast forward 30 days or so.

I get an email with the subject line "Raffle Prize Winner!"

Omigod I won something. I have never ever won anything!

In the split second before I opened the email my mind scrolled through the list of possible prizes... laptop computer, Ipod, digital camera, free dinner, etc. etc.

I opened the email and my prize was: free tax preparation.

The let down was extreme. I live in an apartment, I have no deductions so I do the short form on a tax website. Why do I need a $250 value tax preparation package? I have offered my jackpot prize to JC who got all glassy eyed and mumbled a polite "Thanks, maybe."

The laptop prize sure would have been nice... but maybe I'm being ungrateful.


Odat said...

Nah, not ungrateful. The tax preparer is probably a member of the rotary club....self promotion, geeze...i hate that.


Deb said...

I should forward the flyer to you.. you could see for yourself the possibilities.

Tax preparation. Argh.

BikerbabeNJ said...

So $10 bought you some humble pie then?????

heartinsanfrancisco said...

The thing is, you had already written off the $10 until you got the exciting e-mail.

Sorry it wasn't a trip to Europe for you and 11 good friends.