Friday, March 09, 2007


Yes, I am a Scorpio. We are a conflicted people. We're torn between deep love and loyalty and remembering every slight and wanting to cause major pain to those who betray us. But we must behave, mustn't we. A difficult task at times. If only we could turn back the clock, but alas, even us Scorpios do not have that power.

I have started painting again. I pulled out my paints, pulled out my canvases and brushes, and am attempting to refocus my destructive tendencies towards creating something beautiful instead. I did vow to concentrate on beautiful things, did I not?

So far so good - well - at least no blood has been spilled anyway.



Bikerbabenj said...

You're painting with blood? hmmm... yeah, OK, that's a start I suppose.

I'm a scorpio too, and I relate. (I think we BOTH need help) ORRRR someone with nothing but fascination on our parts to declare us their mission in life.

Na. nevermind.

The CEO said...

Scorpio? That could be a Libra too (ask me).

Painting can be good for you!

Odat said...

destructive tendencies equate to beautiful paintings?....hmmmmm...can't wait to see your art!