Monday, February 12, 2007

This Week

I have jury duty this week.. and its the week of Valentines Day, or as Shay put it, "Black Death Day."

It is strangely similar, jury duty and Valentines Day. Both make me wish I were somewhere else.


heartinsanfrancisco said...

I can relate. I get funeral corteges and wedding processionals confused, and often refer to the latter as wedding corteges.

Perhaps there's a reason for this. I've been married three times.

If you need any tips about not getting selected for a jury, I have perfected this and would be happy to share.

Johanna said...

Just found your blog and I find it flippin hilarious. Though I've always gotten out of jury duty, I can't seem to get out Valentine's Day. However, this year, I'm going to be heavily sedated while some old surgeon reconstructs my nose. Sounds like the best one in a while...

Just D said...

Working for a well known defense attorney usually gets me out of it. Maybe this time as well.

Thanks for visiting Johanna, I love your blog as well. I'll check in on you after your surgery.