Friday, January 05, 2007

I *Heart* My Whatever

I saw a bumper sticker yesterday that said "I *Heart* My Golden Retriever. Of course they heart their Golden Retriever, who wouldn't heart a dog like that? They are gorgeous, they have long flowing hair, and they have merchandising readily available so that anyone can show their devotion to their dog. What's not to heart?

Now me, I have a bi-racial, chow/retriever mix mutt. He's the best dog ever (although he sucks at catching mice). I think he deserves a bumper sticker even more, but how many times have you seen a bumper sticker that said "I *Heart* My Bi-Racial Chow/Retriever Mix Mutt Even Though He Sucks at Catching Mice?" Never.

So in the spirit of uplifting his self-worth, I have decided to get a bumper sticker that says, "I *Heart* My Norwegian Ridgeback Mountain Shepherd.* I believe he deserves to have a breed name applied to his being.

He's a good old Norwegian Ridgeback Mountain Shepherd.


Odat said...

hmmm...mother of the dog??? If you heart him so much, stop complaining bout walking him!! OK????? :-)


Crankster said...

Actually, not a huge fan of Golden Retrievers--a little too hyper for my taste. I prefer bi-racial, chow/retriever mix mutts!

The CEO said...

Will you get him glasses and teach him to read the bumper sticker?