Thursday, January 04, 2007

Far Out

My son has declared that he should have been of the 70s era. His main christmas this year consisted of classic 70s record albums and a record player. He has the long(ish) hair, goes for the 70s classic band posters for his walls, and has decreed that he wants a VW Van. I was of that era, and I don't think I turned out so badly (as long as you don't ask any exes, that is).

I guess I'll be on the lookout for a good used VW van for him (that hasn't been used as a storage shed, that is).

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Odat said...

He sounds like a great kid!
(And hey, ya never know, my VW van may still work! hahaha)

Bikerbabenj said...

sighhh... I always said I was born 5 years too late too... Kindred soul we are..

Mark said...

I think you need to beat him until he understands that the 70's sucked and the 80's ruled!

Crankster said...

My memories of the seventies were of a boring, tacky decade sandwiched between the cool sixties that everyone talked about and the plastic eighties in which I came of age.

Then again, I was born in 1971.


My son too! He worships the Beatles and other music icons from that era.