Tuesday, December 05, 2006

OH Shit

Elvira has tracked me down. I woke up this morning to find a pile of sharp instruments on the floor of my kitchen. A nail, a needle and two push pins. I think she left that as a message to me that she is on to me and knows that I have reported on her treachery, either that or its meant as a little mousey curse. Jake knows where she's getting in at, I just know it. I just hope he's not in on it.

And the "OH Shit" title? Yep, there was some of that too.

Elvira is going to have a fight on her hands. I know what she did to Stewart and Bucky. She will not get away with it.


Odat said...

It's all Biker's fault, ya know!

The CEO said...

I think the NJ State Police are framing Elvira for this. The Mob's got to be behind this. It's really a garbage issue back in Joisey.

Bikerbabenj said...

Yanno, I left a really witty comment yesterday, it showed ^^ there, and today it's gone. (and so was my witty comment) sighhhh