Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Christmas Fun

My kids are grown... well, the youngest is 15 and isn't all that fun to shop for Christmas gifts anymore. Give him money and he's a happy camper.

So this year, as with last year, I have adopted a child from Salvation Army. We're given a list with their names, age and sizes, and asked to buy Christmas presents for them. I am having a ball doing that.

Boss #1 has also adopted a child, but given me the responsibility of buying for her (a 2 year old girl), and the ex Boss #2 has adopted three (count em 3!) and has also asked me to do the shopping for them. So I have 5 small kids to shop for and I'm having a ball. I tend to go for the loud toys, the ones I know the parents wouldn't want to buy them. I found a remote control car the other day that played low rider music while it bounced up and down. Pure culture I tell ya. I also hit the Macy's sale and got them all coats.

The deadline is December 11 and I still have some shopping to do. When I have grandkids I am going to be completely out of control, I can just tell. hehe


Deepak Gopi said...

xmas greetings in advance

Odat said...

Adopt me!!! I want a toy!!!!

not so common said...

Great thing you are doing. Think I'll stop by a store in my neighborhood who will assign a young child to me. Thanks for the inspiration! Happy Holidays!

Aisby said...

I'm having a hard time shopping for my kids and they're six and almost four. The problem is they have too much stuff. Their classes at school have adopted families and in lieu of exchanging presents at school, we're buying gifts for the family. It's always fun to buy for people who you know will really appreciate it.

The CEO said...

I never get any toys either.