Friday, December 08, 2006

Morning Randomness

I made that banner a long time ago and can't remember where I made it at. Probably the credit in the corner is a hint. ;-)


I still have a mouse, but I'm at a loss as to what to do. I have never had to deal with this sort of thing without a husband to carry the dead mouse out for me. I informed my boss yesterday that if I kill it in a trap, I was going to phone him up and flat refuse to come to work until he comes over and gets rid of the mouse brains on my floor.


Remember the Lite Bright? I spent countless hours when I was a kid, creating wondrous works of art on mine. I loved it and got one yesterday for one of the angel kids that I'm buying for. I am pretty sure he will hate it because it isn't videogame related and/or cool, but I don't care. He's getting it and he's going to like it dammit. I found this site, if you (like me) still like them.


My daughter phoned me last night from Seattle. She asked was she supposed to leave if the fire alarm was going. YES get out of there! But no, she was in the middle of her game of Warcraft, and as soon as the fire trucks get there she will vacate.

That's my girl.

Thank God when the fire trucks got there they went to another building in their complex. Geesh.


My office partner and I got the above rubber stamp collection for our bosses for Christmas. I think they will come in handy.


Okay, I got distracted there by reading old emails. Some of them are REALLY old and should be deleted I guess. Maybe I'll do that tonight. In the meantime, I have my bottle of Sangria, and I think when I get home I'll add whatever it is that is supposed to be added to it, and enjoy it tonight. It is supposed to be painfully cold today, so my plans are: 1) work cuz I hafta; 2) after work, come home and light a fire in the fireplace; 3) drink sangria and possibly cook my stuffed peppers, but since there is a mouse living under my stove that doesn't sound very nice; 4) drink sangria and delete old sentimental emails that I have held on to for years; 5) drink sangria and watch Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Man's Chest; 6) drink sangria.

That is my Friday night plan. Sounds fun eh? I know you are jealous.


That is all of the randomness for today. I think I'll go have a nice hot bath before work.


Odat said...

I thought you liked mice!!!

I have to get some of those rubber

Go home and get drunk, will ya!


curmudgeon said...

And maybe you should also have a little sip of Sangria.

Just D said...

Okay if you insist.. but just a sip.