Sunday, November 19, 2006

My New Toy

I finally was in enough desperate need of retail therapy, that I went and bought a laptop. Not the one I posted about earlier though, I got a better version.

This is the one I got.

I have to say I am very impressed with it, plus, until I get my wireless router set up, I can "borrow" my neighbor's wireless connection. He seems to be a very generous guy. The only thing I am having a problem with is that it is set up for dual monitor, and I can't figure out how to change it. I may have to actually open the manual (ohmygawd).

This is very cool, I am blogging from my bed. Absolutely sublime.


Odat said...

Yeah Laptops are cool...but get a mouse...(not the one that Biker had tho).


Sassan Sanei said...

Mmmmmm, very nice, sweet dual-core widescreen gigalicious goodness!!!

Enjoy :)

curmudgeon said...

You should be able to change that in display properties, if you haven't already figgered that out.

Just D said...

Sassan you make it sound like I am indulging in porn. ;-)

Curmie, I still have not figured it out, although it is really only an issue on this blog, it tiles the background on the right hand edge, which looks kind of weird. I'll crack open the book tonight and see what I can see.

Maricopa Mark said...

Sorry to hear about this...

Just D said...

Do you think less of me Mark?

Sassan Sanei said...

Um yeah, that's not how it was intended to sound :O

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

The background on your blog is tiled on the right edge because the image itself is 1024 pixels wide. Anyone who uses a browser window that is wider than 1024 pixels (which is possible, as the screen on your new laptop is 1280 pixels wide) will see the picture repeat itself. Several monitors now go as high as 1920 pixels wide, and the 30" displays from Apple and Dell even go as high as 2560 pixels. An easy way to solve this problem is to add a wide swath of black to the right (use any image editing program to do this), I did your background for you and placed it at:


Feel free to download that file and use it to replace the file you are using now. I'm sure there are more clever ways to fix it in HTML or using JavaScript too.

Anyway, the background tiling has nothing to do with your laptop, anybody with a screen wider than 1024 pixels will see the same thing when their browser window is maximized.