Friday, November 24, 2006

Mwa Ha Ha Ha Ha

I went to my friendly neighborhood monopoly conglomerate (Walmart) for the day after specials. I picked up one thing that was not on their sale list, because I needed it. It is a padded backpack for my laptop, and it also has a mini mouse (its sooo cute), and a USB hub (nifty).

So I got up to the check out and of course, I picked one up with no label on it, so the cashier sent another person back to check the price. I didn't tell them how much it was supposed to be because I wasn't sure I picked up the right one (none of them were marked). So we wait. And wait. And then we continued to wait.

Finally, the girl calls and says she can't find any of them with prices, and there were no bar codes. The cashier rang it up at $5.

Life is good. :-)


The CEO said...

I need to start shopping with you, these things don't happen to me.

Bikerbabenj said...

I need living room furniture. Oh yeah, and gutters. Any suggestions?

Just D said...

Come along C.. although these things never happen to me either. I almost told her nevermind because I was getting tired of waiting.

Biker.......? Marry the rich guy. ;-)

Crankster said...

Some sweet Karma. A nice story, D!

Odat said...

Did ya get me one?????? Huh? Huh??

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Few things are $5 these days. You're a one-girl sale.

Good job!


Maybe I need to start shopping at Walmart. At Target they actually know the prices.