Friday, November 03, 2006

Cool Blog

I stumbled across the blog of a guy who is stationed in Antarctica. He shamelessly asks for comments, so if you have the time, surf on over and tell him hello. His blog is called If You Visit My Site, Please Leave a Comment.

He has some pictures of him and his girlfriend setting rocks upright alongside a river. It is very odd looking and I would imagine a little creepy if you happened to walk along there and see all those rocks set up that way. (That was before Antarctica, obviously.)

Anyway, tell him I sent you over. :-)


Crankster said...

What an incredible site! Thanks!!

Just D said...

And can you believe it? I found it WITHOUT the Bestest Blog of All Time's help.. I didn't think something like that was possible in this day and age.

*insert pegged out sarcasm meter here*

Odat said...

just went there, great pics!