Friday, October 27, 2006



These are time waster games for when you are at work. I won't tell your boss that you know about them, if you don't tell my boss that I told you about them.

The first is a parking game. You have to try to park the car, and it is harder than it looks.

The second one is a helicopter game, also addictive and harder than it looks (as you can see from the screen rip, I caught it just as I was about to run into a wall).

These games sugar free, low fat and no carbs, so play them as much as you want without the guilt.


Odat said...

LOL...I'm a great parker..but just hit a car about 10 times!!
I'm too sick to do the helicopter one right now!!!! Very good!


I'm afraid to try, lest I become addicted. 'Cause then when would I have time to blog? I need all my work hours to do that. ;)