Monday, September 25, 2006

I've Been Tagged

Odat has tagged me in this ongoing meme thing. She tells me I am to post 10 secrets about myself. The thing is, I can't think of anything I haven't already told you guys, but I suppose I will come up with something.

Here goes, not necessarily in the order of importance, I just typed em as they came to me.

1. I can't stand bad spelling. An occasional typo is fine, but bad spelling makes me want to go for the throat. When I got divorced and my ex husband and I started communicating primarily through email, I realized how utterly stupid he truly was. His spelling is atrocious.

2. Nobody in my family knows about this blog except my brother, and he can't remember the address. Some secrets are best kept to yourself.

3. I would be perfectly content to be a hermit and to never have to deal with anyone. I've become a misanthrope.

4. My greatest wish is to buy a house. The ex b/f told me once that the only way I would ever get one is if I marry someone who already has one. He constantly underestimated me.

5. When people know me only superficially they think I'm a bit of a ditz. They are often surprised when they find out I know about a few things after all. This is mostly because I prefer to keep my conversations light and off of the topic of politics and/or religion (other than an occasional rant).

6. At one point in my life I was very very good at sketching animals. I haven't done this in so long now though that I don't think I can do it anymore. I would love to paint with oils and be good at it, but my perspective skills suck.

7. I have one of my daughter's baby sleepers folded up in my underwear drawer, as a reminder of how small she once was. I also have a set of my son's pajamas for the same reason. They don't know this.

8. I used to be a Sunday School teacher, but I haven't attended church now in 8 years. I'm not sure I'll ever go back to church. I fully expect to burn in hell.

9. Kinky Friedman mystery novels are one of my guilty pleasures.

10. If I don't recognize your number when you call me, I won't answer the phone.

Okay I have done my duty. From what I understand I am supposed to tag 2 people to do the same thing, so I am sitting here looking at my blog list and trying to decide who is most likely to cooperate and who hasn't already been tagged....


How about Nihilistic and Mist.


mist1 said...

"All persons living and dead are purely coincidental, and should not be construed." Kurt Vonnegut

I. It was an accident.
II. I am not sorry.
III. I wish Lisa didn't hate me.
IV. I am a recovering anorexic.
V. I am fighting a relapse.
VI. Sometimes, I want it to come back.
VII. When I disappear, I'm not where I say I am.
VIII. That's not what my tattoo means.
IX. I'll never tell where the $$ comes from.
X. I'm not painting right now.

That's it. I wish I could list items like:

XI. I made that anonymous donation.

But, that's just not true.

Blech. Isn't it better just to read my follies rather than get to know the "real" Mist 1?

Odat said...

Now, doncha feel better??? LOL
A Sunday school teacher???????
Thanks for sharing. I think you should go back to sketching and buy that house....!!!

And mist, you too...thanks for sharing.....

MyHeartHurts said...

Nice list.. I love the pajama and blanket truth. I am sure I would do something quiet simialr as I am attached to things in the same way.

Thanks for sharing...
She got me too!

Nihilistic said...

OMG - I'm gone for a bit and you go and tag me...Hmmm...secrets...I don't have interesting secrets...Lets see...

1 I set off mouse traps so that mice can't get hurt by them

2 I say I don't have an attention span so that when I tune people out they don't get their feelings hurt.

3 I've lied about my IQ to my family...I dummied it down 20 points cause I don't want them to expect too much.

4 My grandparents don't know I'm atheist

5 I love Kelly Clarkson

6 I was abducted by Martians but never told anyone because I enjoyed the anal probe

7 That smell? It actually was me

8 I'm not a bad speller, but I will be in emails to people who I know it annoyes :)

9 I hated college

10 I like pushing buttons

Just D said...

Oh crap to Nihilistic's #8 and

Now I'm really curious about Mist's #IX.