Friday, September 15, 2006


I was reading the BBC news website today, and saw an article where there had been a tornado in the town the WRS lived in. So I, being me, IM'd him and asked him about the tornado. His response was that yes, there was a tornado, that yes, he had to dodge some limbs on his trek home from work, but that Brits, being Brits, have stiff upper lips and short term memory loss and soon forgot about the tornado and life goes on.

I asked was that a stab at American hysterics.....?

His response was... no no no no no, well yes.

Okay.... BUT... I am from Oklahoma. To people like me, a tornado isn't just a stiff wind that blows down a few tree limbs. It destroys entire cities. If they ever have one like that let's see the stiff upper lip and short term memory loss. I bet we see a few hysterics, as well.


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Scorpy said...

I don't think I could be complacent about something that does so much damage...They are scary forces of nature and I'm glad we don't have the same thing here in Oz...