Monday, August 21, 2006

Scary Story

Daniel Barriault is serving a time-out for a crime the 5-year-old claims he didn’t commit. Charged with possession of three Oreo cookies only a half-hour before supper and sentenced to a bare 8-by-12-inch bedroom corner for eight minutes, Barriault has had just one thing on his mind while waiting for his release. One thing and three people.

The article goes on to state:

After four failed getaway attempts into the basement, Barriault was apprehended early Monday evening by household penal authorities Mommy and Daddy, likely operating on an anonymous tip from the "queen of all snitches," Barriault’s older sister, Ashley, 7.

I think we as parents should take a story such as this one seriously. It begins with one child and spreads like wildfire. No more 8 minute time-outs. They should be extended to at least 12 minutes.



markoos said...

hey nice layout. have you swapped over to the new blogger? if so, what's your thoughts?

Just D said...

There's a new blogger? I'm ALWAYS the last to know this stuff.

LinF said...

That looks like a pretty posh corner to me. We are always worried about the rights of offenders I say take away his Kool-Aid with dinner too; he can deal with water! Then he'll see that this country won't tolerate "sticky fingers in the cookie jar" any more! Make this kid an example!