Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Hell's Kitchen

I do not watch television. I prefer the company of books and/or a good CD. I have, however, made a very large exception for Hell's Kitchen. For those of you who may not be familiar with the program, it is a reality show (which I usually despise anyway) that has a chef from the UK picking a new chef for some new enterprise or another. In the process there are loads of F Bombs being dropped, the big cheese calling the girls stupid cows (that is so hysterical), calling the guys donkeys, etc. He finally whittles it down to one winner who, this year, won a very nice job at a resort hotel as head chef.

There is backstabbing, intrigue, plotting.. and through it all the only thing that will save the person who wins is just plain old talent.

Anyway, I got hooked on the program last summer when it was on, so of course this year I was compelled to watch it again. Yes, ask Odat, I watched it every time it was on. (She told me last night that I suck because I was going to go watch the program.)

It is now over and I am back on my regime of television abstinence. Its odd how I feel as if my IQ points have risen already.


Odat said...

Alright...so I said that..(didn't expect to be quoted on your blog)! But ya know, I said it in the context that you'd be missed....not that you really suck!
(now don't ya feel bad?)


Sassan Sanei said...

He is one obnoxious bloke. He also hosts a restaurant makeover show called Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares on the Food network, if you haven't seen it it is worth watching!

Of course, if you rearrange the letters in "Gordon Ramsay, Hell's Kitchen Chef" you get "Chic set, harsh yokel from England" which is a pretty accurate description of the show. Coincidence? You decide.

I'm still trying to figure out what Keith said toward Virginia last week during his parting words that got bleeped out, my guess is "hard-on" any other ideas?

Just D said...

I couldn't quite figure it out either, but then again I couldn't picture of master chef going by the name of "K Greasy," and walking around with his drawers showing. That is just icky.

irv said...

I commented somewhere that my tribute to bad parenting could be summed up by the sound of my son yelling: "mom! hell's kitchen's on!"

pretty hilarious show. i've been in 'the biz' all my life and it's fun to see a bunch of 'civilians' in the lobster-pot. whole episodes play out like waiter nightmares ('It's an hour into the meal and the blue team has yet to get an appetizer out').

Gordon Ramsey is a pretty ridiculous parody of the ubiquitous tyrannical chef, and the circumstances are ludicrous, but the F-bombs and the derision are worth the price of admission.

We watched the first season only, and I thought it amusing that the finalists were *gasp* two professional chefs whom he had spent the beginning of the 'tour' attempting to berate by labeling them 'soft' and 'incompetent'. what a surprise that it was they who, in the end, could 'take the heat,' as it wuz.