Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Ask Roll

Stay tuned for a new entry, "Ask Roll". This posting will provide answers to bizarre questions no one would ever ask. But if they do, you will know the answer. More soon.

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Dear Roll,

I hope you can help me. I think I my hubby is losing interest in me. He spends way too much time reading stories at this site called literotica.com. He seems particularly interested in the "Loving Wives" and "BDSM" stories. I can't imagine what these are about or why he spends so much time reading them. Should I be worried??

Neglected in Newark

Dear Neglected,

I think I can help you get your husband's attention back. It is obvious to me he gets off on the idea of having a wife that is a submissive slut. Now you have a couple of options here. You can see if he is really serious or tell him he's a perv a throw him out. Personally I think you should find out if he is serious. To find out, go out and buy some new clothes from your local "Hookers Are Us" something that shows a lot of cleavage and leg, sans bra or panties and don't forget the CFM pumps. On Friday, 8 September, about 7:30, put on your new outfit and tell him you are going out to the Airport Hilton bar for a few drinks. If he let's you go without too much hassle, he is serious. Once you get to the Hilton, I will be in room 301.

Hope this helps



Odat said...

Yipppie....I can't wait....!!!


bikerbabenj said...

this should be vewwwwwwy intawesting....