Friday, July 07, 2006

Spammer Names

I hate spam email. I do, but I have to confess to being highly amused by some of the names attached to the emails. One today was Overshot P. Gingivitis. Yesterday it was Saffron Mazzarella. I think I will start collecting some of these names to use as character names in a nonsensical kid's book.

One was TAKAYUKI KASHIWAGI (re: I must intensification my thrust). I think Takayuki needs to work on his English skills if he wants to spam us regular folks.

Helmuth Ledoux. Doesn't that sound like a great villian name??



Sassan Sanei said...

All spam aside, saffron mozzarella sounds like a yummy dessert ingredient! Let me know if you find any good recipes.

Steven Swain said...

Joe Provolone