Saturday, July 08, 2006

My Top 25 Flaws

Actually I'm not sure these are the top ones, they are just the ones I could think of at the time. They are in no particular order, just written as they popped into my head. I'm sure my friends could happily add a few.

1. I hate housework. I would rather chew glass.

2. I take too many lonnnng baths. When I get into the bath I always take a good book with me. I'm sure it would be annoying to anyone who lived with me, if they did.

3. I have days when I live on nothing but Pop Tarts and coffee.

4. I only make my bed when I'm expecting company.

5. My dog is very very lazy and I like it that way.

6. I will read anything from children's books to forensic textbooks.

7. I never watch the local news.

8. I only put my cordless phone on the charger when the battery runs dead.

9. I only get out the Pledge when I can write my name in the dust.

10. My ironing board stays out 24/7.

11. I can't brush my teeth unless I have Listerine to use first.

12. I breathe sarcastically.

13. My kids think I'm a flake.

14. I will only exercise when I can't think of any excuse not to.

15. I have a deep seated distrust of anyone with an "M.D." after their name.

16. I'd like to go to university but I'm too lazy.

17. My car is very messy. All my junk mail gets thrown into the back seat.

18. My bosses think I'm a flake.

19. I must be a flake.

20. I have a tendency to do things that I know will annoy my ex husband.

21. I worry obsessively when I don't hear from someone when I was expecting to.

22. When boss #2 calls me I answer the phone, "Hey hunny bunny!"

23. When boss #2 questions what I am doing I tell him everything, even if I was just going to the bathroom... I threaten him with details just to scare him.

24. I like to shock my mother.

25. I secretly like blog wars.


Odat said...

26. She poofs from Pogo!

Sassan Sanei said...

12. I breathe sarcastically.

D's childhood:

"Mom! D is breathing on me! Tell her to STOP IT! Owwwwww!!!"


markoos said...

so you're a flake that liked to read textbooks in the bath while breathing sarcastically and eating pop tarts. you never get any exercise from doing the housework, cleaning your car or putting away the ironing board but you'll watch tv as long as it's not the local news. and you like to make your boss uncomfortable and shock your mother?


Just D said...

Geesh Markoos.. when you put it that way I seem a little.. ummm..... unconventional.

Go figure.