Monday, July 31, 2006

DRUM ROLL PLEASE.................

And the winner of the Fact or Crap quiz is....

CURMUDGEON!! He had every single answer correct.

1. True. The bible WAS translated into Klingon (by a 48 year old geek who still lives with his mother).

2. There are enough veins in a person's body to stretch 100,000 miles. (I don't believe it. I think we need to try this out on Paris Hilton.)

3. New York City was once the capital of the U.S. (I will give Markoos a credit on this one since he isn't from the U.S. and can't be expected to know what most Americans don't even know.)

4. Bruce Lee was the cha cha champ in Hong Kong in 1958. (Right before he kung fu'd his partner in the throat.)

5. DDT does not kill millions of people each year. Now that it has been banned in most places, however, malaria and other insect carried diseases kill about a million people each year.

So there ya have it.

Yayyyyyyyyyy Curmudgeon! You win the Blue Ribbon of Happiness.

1 comment:

curmudgeon said...


1- Someone needs to get a life
2- She's probably had that many veins in her body
3- This one I was sure of
4- This one I wasn't
5- Doesn't seem like much of a trade-off, does it?