Monday, June 26, 2006

Okay So........

Here I am. Of course it is the middle of the night. I know you guys are used to my rambling, middle of the night posts, but this time it is for a good reason.

My computer has been hijacked.

Not by a virus or worm. No, nothing that interesting.

It has been hijacked by a 15 year old Runescape fanatic. I get no computer time at all. He talked me into paying for a month's membership for him since he is here during the day with me at work... boredom, ya know mom?? So I, being the generous and loving mother that I am, paid for the month's subscription.

Now, when I am on the computer, he is behind me, hovering, asking me if I'm almost finished with what I'm doing. No. Fuck off kid. But mommmmmmmmmmmmm.............

I don't mind really. At least he's getting my money's worth out of the game. ;-)

1 comment:

Odat said...

Was wondering where ya been!!!!!!But I suppose it's for a good cause!