Saturday, June 24, 2006

I Have Done It

I have taken the plunge. I have decided to be brave. I can't back out now. I have bought my tickets to Scotland.

You have to understand, other than Canada (and I'm not sure that counts anyway, not when 90% of my family are from there), I have never been out of the U.S. The WRS has pointed out to me many times that the majority of Americans don't even have passports, much less ever been out of the country. I'm not sure how accurate that is, but I took it as a challenge, so I got my passport (step one) and bought my tickets (step two). He tells me that my actions has thrown his statistics into turmoil.

This is the year of life changing experiences for me. I may as well run with it, eh?

I can't wait. ;-)


Odat said...

Look out Scotland!!!!!! Here she comes!

Odat said...

Oh..I guess the show was a success...ya got enough donations??? LOL

Just D said...

Well its like this.... When I started with the stripping, they started paying me to keep my clothes on. It didn't take long to get all I needed.


Odat said...

awww poor thing! but long as it pays!!!! LOL

Steven Swain said...

It'll be fun, D. You'll have a wonderful time.