Friday, June 09, 2006

My Dog

My dog's name is Jake (or Jack, as he is known in his more social circles). I just discovered a wonderful talent that he has. He is, at this moment, laying on the fireplace hearth, staring at me as if I am the most beautiful thing on earth. (Good dog! Have a steak!)

So I'm sitting here watching him watch me, and I tell him, "If you can understand me, blink once." No response. I try again, "I know you can understand me, just blink once so I'll know." BLINK

"GOOD DOG!! Do it again so I will know the first time wasn't a fluke.. blink once if you can understand me." BLINK

My dog understands proper queen's English spoken with a cross of midwestern/southern drawl! WHAT A GUY! This is a momentous day and the beginning of what I'm sure will be many long and interestingly deep & philosophical conversations.


Odat said...

Oh wow! That's sooo amazing!!! Wonder if I try that on my lil snot dog, he'll blink too? (Knowing him tho, i should ask him to sneeze instead) LMAO

curmudgeon said...


Just D said...

GOOD BOY!!! Come here, let me give you a scratch behind the ear. Stop licking that!