Friday, June 09, 2006

Insulted by a Celebrity

I went to high school at Classen High School in Oklahoma City. I was a year behind Wayne Coyne, who is now the lead singer for the Flaming Lips, a semi obscure band who nobody has really ever heard of, but who apparently has won a Grammy and is drooled over for their originality. (Or maybe I'm just bitter.)

Okay.. here is what happened. My daughter happens to have heard of them and asked me to see if I could wrangle her free tickets to their concert. Okie dokie.. so I call up my best friend from high school who was married to the original lead singer and brother of Wayne Coyne, who is the lead singer now, and ask her if she can get my kid in to the concert. Sure thang babe.. so my kid goes to the concert, free of charge.

After the concert is over, she meets Mr. Coyne and says, "My mom went to high school with you." Wayne looks at her, and says gravely, "Wow, she must be really old."

There ya have it. Insulted by a celebrity.

Someday, if ever I see him face to face, I will kick him in the shin.


irv said...

what kind of fucking stupid fuckwad comment is that? that time has stopped for him but not you? was he expecting to 'get some' off of your daughter? did it not occur to him that a girl who was a fan who had a mother who was his contemporary would be indicating by her statement that 'HE was really old?'

why are men such hubristic, narcissistic, delusional, clueless pieces of worthless (albeit time-honored) shit?

and why should YOU be made to feel old, and not HE???

...because your daughter attended his concert, and not the other way around...........


Just D said...

Callllllmmmmmmmmm Irv, calllllmmmmm... count to 10. Its ohhhkay I promise. hehe

Things are cool, I swear they are. ;-)